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You're walking, lost in your thoughts, when suddenly you hear something... No, you see something in the distance... A magical creature dressed in an almost surrealisticly long red dress, a crown on her head. She's singing songs from long ago. Magical sounds floating up in the air. Suddenly you feel it. The magic, that happy place.

That's Melodia.

  • street theatre, indoor and outdoor events

  • solo living and opera singing statue act

  • with orchestral track

  • off-grid (own gear available)

  • 3x 30 minutes per act

    • 3 different locations within 5 km possible

  • indoor and outdoor

de kleine zeemeerming fotorender nieuw.jpg


When Hans Christian Andersen and Antonin Dvorak meet, the magic happens. This version of The Little Mermaid takes place on the smallest opera stage in the world. On a trailer we built a set design where the singing mermaid is accompagnied by two puppets (the prince and the sea witch). The little mermaid tells her story accompanied by the most magical sounds written by Antonin Dvorak. From children to grandparents, everybody will be enchanted.

  • street musictheatre, indoor and outdoor (family) events

  • family/children opera

  • smallest opera stage in the world (1,5m³)

  • set design is built on a trailer that can be pushed by hand

  • off-grid (we bring our own gear and lights)

  • 3x 20 minutes (the opera lasts 20 minutes and is performed 3 times)

    • 3 different locations within 5 km possible

  • originally in Dutch, translation on demand


Your guests are chatting about their week, their busy schedule and their travel adventures when suddenly... Out of nowhere the magical sounds of opera singing fill the hall. Surprise.


Or... You have a high end event. The music can be just that little more classy. What is better than some high quality classical music, selecting the repertoire that is just right for your guests and clients.

  • concert ~ restaurant service ~ surprise act

  • opera and classical music for events

  • orchestral track or live piano/ensemble

  • gala costume or costume on demand

  • standard setlist with possible personalisation



Let's get to the point. You just want some strong live vocals at your event? Tell me the style, the setting and some of your favourite songs. I will take care of the rest.

  • concert ~ lounge ~ restaurant ~ event

  • completely on demand, both stylewise and duration (up to 50 minutes of repertoire)

  • off-grid (own gear) possible in small venues

  • high quality musical entertainment with no hassle, you can focus on other things while I take care of the music



Stiltwalkers are impressive. But have you seen the golden Hatter? You cannot look beyond those impressive golden trousers, matched with the most stylisch golden hat.


She'll say hi, wave at you with the nicest smile or even sing you a song if you like. Want a picture? Sure! Come along.

  • stilt act

  • outfit: golden trousers, golden hat with black top

  • 3x 30 minutes

  • indoor and outdoor

lollipop 2.jpg


Candy canes and sugar rushes. In her hoop she can do tricks, dance, sing and maybe give you a lollipop. If you've been kind.

  • street theatre, indoor and outdoor events

  • aerial act without the need of a ceiling fixation (hoop stands on a pole)

  • 3,2m height

  • optional: music and/or combination with singing

  • optional: handing out candy or brand material

  • 4x 10 minutes​

lollipop 2.jpg

for events and branding

​There is this great event you are about to plan. You and the client know the theme, know it has to be a spectacular evening.

You just need that extra 'oomph' to make everything perfect.


Music and characters bringing magic to the stage ... You cannot go crazy enough. If you want something with live music, 

out-of-the-box singing concepts and (circus) artists, you are in the right place.


  • high end entertainment for events ~ branding ~ shows ...

  • combination between music and circus

  • specialized in (acrobatic) opera singing for events

  • high quality music in different music styles

  • out-of-the-box thinking

  • relax about the musical entertainment. We'll take care of it.

  • broad network to bring the right artist to the right place

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