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You're walking, lost in your thoughts, when suddenly you hear something... No, you see something in the distance... A magical creature dressed in an almost surrealisticly long red dress, a crown on her head. She's singing songs from long ago. Magical sounds floating up in the air. Suddenly you feel it. The magic, that happy place.

That's Melodia.

  • street theatre, indoor and outdoor events

  • solo living and opera singing statue act

  • with orchestral track

  • off-grid (own gear available)

  • 3x 30 minutes per act

    • 3 different locations within 5 km possible

  • indoor and outdoor

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When Hans Christian Andersen and Antonin Dvorak meet, the magic happens. This version of The Little Mermaid takes place on the smallest opera stage in the world. On a trailer we built a set design where the singing mermaid is accompagnied by two puppets (the prince and the sea witch). The little mermaid tells her story accompanied by the most magical sounds written by Antonin Dvorak. From children to grandparents, everybody will be enchanted.

  • music theatre, indoor and outdoor (family) events

  • family/children opera

  • smallest opera stage in the world (1,5m³)

  • set design is built on a trailer

  • off-grid (we bring our own gear and lights)

  • 3x 30 minutes (the opera lasts 20 minutes and is performed 3 times)

Gentse Feesten officieel.jpg


Avenue Louise is a remarkable duo consisting of soprano Liza Dedapper and trombonist Koen Severens. Together they explore vocal and instrumental boundaries, creating a program that hovers between classical, pop and film music. Avenue Louise performs covers of world-renowned composers such as Nino Rota alongside songs they wrote themselves. A mix between expressive and intimistic, experimental and nostalgic, classical and contemporary. Of course, always with a theatrical twist.

  • concert

  • crossover between classical, jazz and pop music

  • soprano, trombone, trumpet


Wedding reception? Business event? Live concert? Book LiLi! Two magical voices accompagnied by a smooth pianist will lift up your evening. Enjoy this jolly trio performing their versions of well known jazz and pop covers.

  • concert ~ lounge ~ restaurant ~ event

  • we adapt to your event

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During the magical months of winter and wonder, magical sounds resound through the cold winter wind.
Aurelia is a singing winter princess. Accompanied by her magical winter tree full of Christmas lights, she dances through the streets looking for young and old to whom she can put a smile on the face.
With her enchanting voice she sings Christmas carols from the past and present.
Will you dance and sing along?

  • 3x 40 minutes

  • Can play in low light (lights in costume/attribute)

  • Mobile musical act: singer + winter tree

lollipop 2.jpg


Elegantly they flourish through streets accompanied by Winter music. Two fairy-like appearances rise above the crowds and greet each with a smile, a wink or who knows a nice story.
You can recognize these two stilt-walkers by their beautiful winter outfits. In the dark, the lights ensure that these fairy-like figures are still easily visible.
Looking for that extra touch of magic at your event? Don't hesitate! This Winter Wonder act is without a doubt what you are looking for.

  • 2x 45 minutes / 3x 30 minutes

  • Lights integrated in costume

  • Minimum height of 4 meters available

  • Own music via portable sound box possible



You feel the magic but miss that little personalization? Don't hesitate to contact me and we can create a solution for your event.

  • music

  • stiltwalkers

  • aerial hoop

  • combination

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